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RockYI-P7160009RockYI-P7160016RockYI-P7160019RockYI-P7160022RockYI-P7160028RockYI-P7160033RockYI-P7160044RockYI-P7160058RockYI-P7160063Ready to RockIn anticipation of the deluge to come, Dave Tallman practices keeping his head from exploding.RockYI-P7160090RockYI-P7160094RockYI-P7160100Cool thing about Amber is it doesn't take much to get her laughing.RockYI-P7160109RockYI-P7160116RockYI-P7160121RockYI-P7160125Show time: you wanna go first, or should I?