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Created 19-Nov-13
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Debut appearance at The Basement - Nashville, TN - October 22, 2013

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Nashville's Newest Jazz/Groove ensemble, "Bright Frontier" takes the stage for the first time ever.Craig Havighurst on guitarCraig Havighurst on guitarJason Smart on drums, Matt Endahl on keys and Charlie Chadwick on bassMatt EndahlCraig Havighurst on guitarThe band is called "Bright Frontier" but the light at The Basement is pretty dim…Craig finally dteps into some LIGHT!!!Craig channels Bill FrisellCharlie ChadwickJason SmartHe says it was his idea, so he gets the most photos.Charlie ChadwickCraig among the Christmas lightsWinding up their original composition, the groovy "Mali."Solved the lighting problem: everybody get your cell phones out…