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Bill Lloyd: "We're gonna play this whole album from beginning to end..."Bill Lloyd: the mad genius behind "The Long Players"Maura O'Connell: "After the Goldrush"Kathy Mattea: "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"Kathy Mattea: "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"Jason White: "Southern Man"Lead Guitar: 'Southern  Man" (sorry, didn't get everybody's name...)Ensemble: "Til The Morning Comes"George and Dave Daeger: "Oh Lonesome Me"Bill Lloyd: OMG, 12 strings!Tommy Lee Jones: "Don't Let It Bring You Down:Jon Vezner: "Birds"Ashley Cleveland: "When You Dance"Michael Kelsh: "I Belive In You"Michael Kelsh: "I Belive In You"Finale: "Cripple Creek Ferry"Mary Gauthier: "Tell Me Why"Mary Gauthier: "Tell Me Why"Maura O'Connell: "After the Goldrush"Bill Huber: Euponium on "After The Goldrush"